"Thanks to Dr. Beck's Nutritional treatment and allergy work, I am not just doing good, I am doing super. When I first came to see Dr. Beck I had constant sinus pain, sinus headaches, and allergies. In the heart of allergy season I feel super, no more headaches and sinus pain and only occasional allergy flair-ups, which only last a few hours. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Beck and his friendly staff."

- David (AKA Superman)

"Before I started Spinal Decompression, I had back pain at a level of 8/10 constantly! It has been 2 months and Nine Decompression sessions and my pain is now aa level 2 (occasionally). I am VERY satisfied with the care and treatment at Beck Wellness Center. I feel like I have plateaued but I am holding out for a few more percentage points of improvement.

Thank you Dr. Beck and Staff for your help!"

- Kim

"When I first came to see Dr. Beck, I had a difficult time getting out of a chair, getting out of my car and getting up off of the floor. Working my construction job was out of the question. My, entire future working construction was in question due to the severe low back pain I had.

Dr. Beck put me on a Decompression Program and in no time at all, I was on the mend. In a few short weeks, I am much better and out of pain. I am very careful not to re-injure my back and I thank Dr. Beck for his expertise and help getting me back to work and making my future bright again."

- Ryan

"Hi! My name is Doddie and I am writing this success story because of the GREAT care I received at BECK WELLNESS CENTER. The care was by far the most helpful and the most successful care I've had from a chiropractor in the past ten years. After going to my chiropractor on and off for ten years, when I had pain, the treatment I received would make me feel better. Then on New Year's Eve I slipped and caught myself but while preventing myself from falling I really messed up my back, the pain was the worst pain I have felt in my life. I could not do anything for myself it even seemed as if breathing was intolerable. The chiropractor I was going to did not understand why I had gotten worse and did not offer me a solution, treatment, or advice that helped he said my problem was a muscle problem and not a disc problem.

After a visit to my medical doctor, an MRI was ordered and a herniated disc at L-5 was discovered. My Md's advice was to buck up and go to see a pain management specialist. What was that? Was he telling me I had to live with this excruciating pain and suffer? I was scared my future was at stake. After being sick for two months early in the year my job as a nail tech was not looking good my clients need me.

This is where Dr. Beck comes in one of my clients and a dear friend told me to go and see him that he would do his best to make me feel better. Dr. Beck was kind, understanding, and most of all knowledgeable. He explained what was going on in my back and what caused a disc to rupture. He went over the options of treatment he knew what I was going through mentally and physically his words were comforting and reassuring I felt he really cared about making me feel better as quickly as possible. He laid out a program of decompression and active therapeutic movement and by the third treatment, I was 40% out of pain and on my way to 100% pain free. Now two weeks later I am 90% pain-free and back to work. There is no doubt about it without Dr. Beck's help I would still be suffering. I tell him he is my savior just to tease him, but he saved me from a lot of suffering and has me back to work just what I needed just when I needed it the most.

THANK YOU, Dr. Beck."

- Doddie

"I want to write this Chiropractic Success Story for Dr. Beck and his new clinic Beck Wellness Center. I believe I was his first patient at his new clinic because even during the construction of his clinic he opened his doors to help me. It's hard and scary to go back now to write about how bad I was. My low back pain started 10 or so years ago. I saw 8 chiropractors and 5 medical doctors and got some temporary relief but as time went on, so did my back, with more flair-ups, more often until a year ago and the pain was constant and getting worse. I've always been a very active person and this pain was getting the best of me. Mentally the pain was changing my outlook on life and not for the better. There were times when I would get on the floor and would not be able to get up the pain was so bad that I would have to crawl from bathroom to kitchen. In May I went through a series of treatments at Logan Collage and got some relief. 4 months later my back flared up really bad, the worst it ever has been and again the pain was always with me.

When I went to see Dr. Beck based on a friend's advice, I still wasn't sure he could help me like he said he could. As he finished his office more and more equipment showed up even in his first month he's had more equipment show up. Well, its been about 6 weeks and I am pain-free. About 2 weeks ago Dr. Beck did a re-exam on me and I could tell he wasn't happy with my progress. A few changes in his treatment and WOW I am pain-free and feel great. This is the best I have felt in 10 years! Dr. Beck is the real deal and when he's serious about helping you, your pain better pack its bags because there's a new sheriff in town!

P.S. I am going through the corrective phase of care now and I wonder if Dr. Beck used to be a drill sergeant.

P.S.S. I hope all who read this know I am only kidding. Please listen and follow Dr. Beck's advice and get better."

- Cheryl

"Being a St. Louis Fire Captain, I've had my share of excitement, bumps and bruises and near misses. Over the years, I have had increasing pain in my lower back and hip. I finally decided to see Dr. Beck for some relief, and after a few treatments, I really started feeling much better. Dr. Beck started me on a series of Decompression treatments, and his spinal rehabilitation program. I am sleeping better, no more restless leg syndrome, I have no more tossing and turning, I can get out of bed without being in pain, and I am less tired during the day. I am feeling better to the extent that I didn't realize how bad I really was and that it was coming from my back. Now I am on maintenance care and I feel several years younger and plan on keeping it that way. When you have a fire, call 911. When you have a disc bulge call Dr. Beck."

- Kurt

"Hi, my name is Tom. I have had lower back pain for many years. This pain has affected my everyday activities and mobility. I have seen many doctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, and I have even had a pain pump inserted into my body. I had very minimal results that did not last. I saw an ad in the paper for Beck Wellness Center and decided to give the office a call. I came in for my exam and was excited to start treatment. I have been coming to the office for several months and am happy to report my pain is virtually gone. I am now enjoying the things in life that my pain had restricted me from for so long. I bought season tickets to the Muny and have enjoyed being able to go and enjoy myself without pain. I am really happy that I gave the office a call! Thank you, Dr. Beck."

- Tom

"About 17 years ago I started having burning pain in my lower back that traveled down my legs. It would come and go, so I tolerated it. About 3 years ago I began having so much pain I could not lay down, so in return I could not sleep. The pain was unbearable! I had to hold on to the banister to get up the steps and I could not bend over. I started coming to Dr. Beck in June and after several weeks of treatment the burning pain was starting to subside and now the pain is gone! I now can do all the activities I could not do before, like working in my yard and playing with my darling puppies. I am so thankful to Dr. Beck for giving me my life back."

- Mildred

"This is not just a success story it's an overwhelming success story. Hi, I am Sandy- I am a surgical nurse who assists Doctors during surgeries and I really love what I do. About 1 ½ years ago I had to take a desk job due to my low back pain that radiated into my left thigh. It was a very deep burning pain, that was made worse when I stood on my feet for any length of time, like during surgery. I hated the desk job although it did ease my back pain a little. After a few months of pushing paper, I couldn't stand it, so I went back to assisting with surgeries and the pain worsened again. This is when I saw Dr. Beck's ad for his workshop. When I attended Dr. Beck's workshop one of his many statements really rang true that you have to become healthy first, then you can lose weight. This made sense as did the entire lecture, which was based on science, not fads. I scheduled right away for my consultation and examination and I have to tell you, you have to start with the hope that you can get better, seek out the best doctors in their fields, and still you have to put faith into your decisions to regain your health and vitality. Who is Dr. Beck kidding? He doesn't know the symptoms I have, or how bad they are, I didn't tell him all of them. I hoped he would take me as one of his patients, and most importantly I hoped he could help me with my burning leg pain.

Well after the first week of care, I was so full of energy and not sleeping all the time, like I had for so many months, all I did was work and sleep. My husband even commented, "Why aren't you sleeping?" I knew right away that Dr. Beck's treatments were different and helping me like nothing ever has, within a few short weeks. My GERD got better and, most of my aches and pains got better. My burning leg pain was gone, now only a slight pain occasionally...oh what a relief. My depression is gone, and my happy self is back, OH I am so much healthier now than I have been in years. Even my bunion is getting better and I didn't even tell Dr. Beck about it until we were most of the way through with my treatments.

When I get down on the floor and play with my grandchildren I can get up without pain. It hit me that I was so used to the pain that I still have to remind myself it is ok to bend over and get up and down, because before it was so painful I conditioned myself not to do so many activities. I have my life back!

My weight is coming down just like Dr. Beck said it would once I got healthier and ate correctly. I just can not say enough good about how I feel and that deciding to follow Dr. Beck's treatment recommendations was one of the best things I have ever done for myself and my health."

- Sandy

"I would say the majority of my life I have suffered from back pain. When I was a child doctors did do x-rays on my back and claimed at that time I had scoliosis However, they said I would not need a brace because I stopped growing. I have suffered with pain and agony just about every day. The pain would mask itself as depression, anxiety, or other health conditions. When I was 23 I was in an auto accident and got whiplash so I went to a chiropractor 3 times a week for a couple of months. The chiropractor never did x-rays just did adjustments and ultrasound with electrical stem. Then treatment was over with no maintenance plan. I am not sure if that chiropractor did any good because my suffering only increased from having problems with my knees which required knee surgery to Physical Therapy to teach me how to walk correctly. Of course, none of this helped because I continued to go to the ER for pain and other doctors for their opinions on my suffering. They in turn started to run their tests and took out my uterus and gallbladder. Again, the suffering lingered. One day I was suffering so badly that a friend of mine gave me a coupon for an aqua massage so I called Beck Wellness Center and asked, the enthusiastic Ms. Terry, how I was feeling and that I wanted to come in today. She asked, can you come in at 2:00 today and I said, "YES, thank you.". When I went in I was able to talk with the doctor and he basically asked me if I would actually like a free examination with my free aqua massage. I then filled out some more paperwork. Somehow now I ( for the first time,) felt like I came to the right place because I could tell that this(Dr. Mark Beck) was really intelligent and much more than that he seemed to really care about helping me end my needless suffering. Dr. Beck did x-rays, an examination many other tests free of charge. He then asked me if I wanted to be cured of all my suffering and why he should accept me as a patient I said, " I wanted to be able to get up in the morning and go out and enjoy the day. I wanted to be able to play with my daughter and enjoy time with my family do whatever I wanted to do." He said he could help me. He asked me to come back the next day so he could go over the report of findings with me. I came back the next day and was amazed that he actually found out what was wrong with me I had scoliosis and my neck was not in the correct position. So the very next day I started my treatments from Dr. Mark Beck and within about 3 days I was feeling so much better. Within 1 month time, my scoliosis curve went from a 12-degree curve to a 5-degree curve, and my lower back scoliosis is now within normal limits. I was also very amazed when I went into his office with a cold one day and he did a little nutrition therapy on me and got rid of my cold just like that.

Thank you Dr. Mark Beck for giving me a new, brighter, and pain-free outlook on life."

- Maria

"I came to Beck Wellness Center with constant low back pain. I was walking bent over and the pain was shooting down my left leg and in my hip. This was effecting every part of my life.

Dr. Beck put me on his Decompression Program and I now am able to work longer hours without pain. Daily activities are easier. I have full 8 hours of sleep AND I can play Pickle Ball for several hours again!!

The Staff is courteous, polite and AWESOME. I would rate my experience a 10 out of 10.
Thank you Beck Wellness Center…Dr. Beck is the BEST!"

- Bam

"I am a Physician's assistant and have suffered from Fibromyalgia for 17 years-daily aches and pains. I have been to numerous medical Doctors, Chiropractors and not one of them helped me in the long run. I did get temporary relief from some of the Chiropractors, but nothing long-lasting until now.

I started "The Program" Dr. Beck laid out for me 5 weeks ago and this is the best I have felt in 17 years. My back pain is gone, my aches and pains in all of my muscles are gone and my head is clear. If I do have an ache or pain it is only slight and temporary, not severe and constant, and I anticipate that will be gone soon. I wish I would have found Dr. Beck and his program 17 years ago.

I am still shocked and anticipate the pain, but it doesn't come. After 17 years it's amazing how you let the pain control you and when it's not there it's a bit strange.

I've had people tell me not to have false hope, just learn to live with the pain. Well, I am here to tell you that hope is all you have, and there is no such thing as false hope unless you are defeated. I am glad I kept looking for answers and wouldn't stop till I had them.

Thank you Dr. Beck and staff for giving me my health and life back.

P.S. When you find the correct why and fix it the results are awesome."

- Pam

"When I came into Beck Wellness Center I was in constant pain of an 8/10. I dealt with this constant pain for over 15 years before getting relief. Before coming in to see Dr. Beck, I had to change my shoes 3 times a day to get relief and now after treatment, I am not changing shoes at all during the day!!! I know that my plantar fasciitis is something I will have to look over for the rest of my life but without this treatment by Dr. Beck, I would not have the relief I have now. Each time I come into the clinic I learn something new about my feet and how to better take of them between visits. After this plantar fasciitis treatment plan, I am living with a better quality of life, I have noticed improved pain level, my endurance is increasing back to where it was pre-plantar fasciitis and I am able to get back to my daily activities. Throughout each of my treatments, I did not huge improvements going from excruciating pain to little or no pain. I am extremely happy with the care I have received from Dr. Beck and I highly recommend to anyone dealing with back or foot pain to come to him!"

- T.B.

"Being retired and getting old is not for sissies. My ankle pain was so painful I could hardly walk and the pain was worse later in the day when I walked. Cutting the grass was painful and I would have to stop in the middle of cutting it. In the last week, I discovered one of my prescriptions was causing part of my ankle pain, so I have since stopped talking about it and my ankles are 80% pain-free. I am now able to cut the grass and do normal everyday house repairs and keep up. Dr. Beck's treatment has changed my life for the better and my arthritis pain in my ankles is much better and my back and hip pain is gone. I look forward to even more improvement in the future, but for now, I highly recommend Dr Beck's treatment for whatever ails you."

- Hank

"As an Electrician, I use my arms and shoulders all day long. My shoulder pain was excruciating at times and when it flairs up it would stay flaired up for weeks at a time.
It caused me to feel weak, tired and exhausted.

Since I did Dr. Becks shoulder program, my shoulder is 95% pain free. When I over work it pulling wires on my job sites, it flairs up but recovers by the next day.

Dr. Beck and staff are GREAT!"

- Bam | Your Friendly Neighborhood Electrician

"As a teenager living with headaches was very difficult. During school, I could not focus on my work. I spent much time sleeping in the library or seeking help from the nurses. After school all I would want to do was lay around or sleep, with no housework, no school work, and sadly no playtime. I often struggled to do what my friends were doing. Dances were fun, but I often found myself leaving football games at halftime. With the help of my parents, we did all that we could to find a cure for my persistent headaches. When many tricks and pills didn't work we heard about Chiropractic. For the six months that I have been regularly visiting Beck Wellness Center, I have met a friendly and helpful staff, experienced a variety of new treatments, and sure enough, I have noticed an improvement in my headaches. Gradually my headaches have become less intense and less frequent. I now find myself enjoying each day with my family and friends with a new energy. I am happy to say I will be starting college in the fall, where I am excited to get a fresh academic start and thrive in all areas of my life."

- Kristy

"My name is Kaleigh and I am 23 years old. I have suffered from horrible tension head aches and migraines for over 7 years. I had tried everything to help them. They were so bad that they interfered with my daily life. I would get such bad headaches that I would tell people it felt like my head was in a vice grip. It would start in the back of my head with a horrible pounding and quickly would take over my whole head to where I would have to lie down and turn off all the lights and have no sound. I would have to lay still because I felt so nauseous. I would have to hold my hand over my eyes and forehead to try and stop some of the pressure. I would take 4 Advil at a time and it did not budge the pain at all. I would have to sleep for hours until the headache was less intense.

These awful headaches caused me to miss out on a lot. I would have to decline friends and family at fun events because my head hurt so bad that all I wanted to do was lie down. I was working for a Chiropractor in Minnesota and was getting daily adjustments. They were great. They helped my neck and back pain. The headaches were still not getting better though. There were days at work from doing various tasks that my headaches were so bad that I had to get 3 adjustments in one day and still went home at the end of the day exhausted with a pounding headache.

Then I found a "lifesaver." I started working for Dr. Mark Beck a couple of weeks ago. He gave me an exam and I informed him of my headaches and how nothing seemed to help and they were taking over my life. He proceeded to tell me about the Bio Cranial System. He assured me that it was safe and effective. I agreed to let him try it on me. It took only a few minutes and felt like a nice stretch in my neck. After he was done I stood up and immediately noticed a difference. My head felt extremely light and all the pressure in my neck and head was gone.

I have been getting a Bio Cranial now at least twice a week and have not had a tension headache or migraine since. I leave work at the end of the day with energy and I have finally gotten control back of my life and my headaches. I would definitely encourage anyone suffering from headaches to try a Bio Cranial It really does work!"

- Kaleigh

"About three months ago I could hardly walk, my knee pain had gotten so bad I could not sleep, and walking anywhere was a chore full of pain. I used crutches a lot and was looking at not being able to enjoy most of the activities that are my life.

I was skeptical but signed up for the Knee Program. Dr. Beck was positive the whole way through and continued to encourage me that he could improve my knee pain. Three months later I am happy to say my knee is pretty much back to normal. I am hiking up and down hills enjoying my passion of hunting.

There was a sometimes painful rehab but I stuck with his plan and slowly regained the painless use of my knee. I do not usually do testimonials but in this case, I would highly recommend Beck Wellness Center and their procedures to anyone with the same symptoms and pain I was in.

Thank you again Beck Wellness Center for not only relieving my pain but helping me regain my normal life activities."

- Mark

"I was one of Dr. Beck's first patients for his knee treatment program. I had treatments on my knees prior to Dr. Beck's program, which worked for a short period of time, only to leave my back in pain. With the knee pain I was experiencing I was no longer able to do activities that I loved to do like running and getting on and off the boat, which is important when you live at the lake. When first starting the treatment program I did not follow it like I was supposed to and was motivated when I heard about the success of other patients on this program. While in the office, Dr. Beck is also treating me for scoliosis as well as helping with my nutrition. Due to Dr. Beck's expertise, I feel healthier mentally and physically. Since starting the knee program, I have now been on maintenance with my knees, and I am beyond proud of my improvement in quality of life and mobility. I refer many of my friends and others to get treatment by Dr. Beck due to the life improvements he has helped me make."

- Susan

"When I first came into Dr. Beck's Office, I had constant knee pain 100% of the time. My daily pain was up to an eight on a scale from one to ten. I told Dr. Beck during my consultation all I wanted was for the pain to STOP! I have been dealing with knee pain for about 4-5 years, affecting my ability to do the daily activities that I love to do. I am so happy with my progress that I just started the maintenance program. I am able to exercise/boxing again with an increase in stamina. I am experiencing less knee pain, as well as the ability to walk freely for short and long distances. I am seeing my quality of life increase right before my eyes and I cannot wait to see what this next round of treatment will do in my healing process. My husband has even made comments on my progress and said "

Why stop now when you have had this much progress and growth?" I cannot thank Dr. Beck enough for this treatment plan and for taking the time to help me get back to the activities I love to do with as little pain as possible."

- Mary Ann

"I dealt with knee pain for over 63 years of my life due to previous injuries and surgeries on my knees. Before the help of Dr. Beck and his Knee Program, I was experiencing knee pain about 50% of the time with overall pain of 4 or 5 on a scale of 1-10. When I came in for treatment, I told Dr. Beck about the issues I was having, and I became a guinea pig for the Knee Treatment Program. Before treatment, I could not get on and off my tractor or get in and out of cars. Based on the improvements I have personally seen in my life and decrease in pain levels and an increase in quality of life this knee program has worked for me. I FINALLY have RELIEF in my knees and can happily farm for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend anyone dealing with knee or back pain to come and see Dr. Beck for treatment, he completely turned my life around.
THANK YOU for everything, Dr. Beck!!!!!"

- D.W.

"After wrestling with my teenage son, I developed an ache in my neck and within one week my neck pain radiated into my shoulder blade, down my arm into my fingers. I had to hold my head in a very abnormal posture to relieve the pain. I had to lay on my stomach with my head off the bed to get relief hold my arm on my chest or put my right arm over my head to get relief. I went to an Orthopedic Surgeon and Dr. Beck in the same week. The Orthopedic Surgeon gave me a bad prognosis and said that I would eventually need surgery. Dr. Beck started treatment right away and in 1 week I was back to work full-time after a month my pain was gone and my range of motion was much better. At this point, surgery is out of the question. I am completely back to normal and plan on correction care to stop the degeneration of my spine, so this never returns and surgery is not ever considered again for my neck pain.

I think Dr. Beck and the staff are great and I am glad I came to not just any Chiropractor, but Dr. Beck."

- Pam

"Dr. Beck is the first chiropractor that I have ever been to in my 84 years of life. I found him and started to see him because of my granddaughter's future career path! Since the first time I came into the office, I fell in love with the environment and Dr. Beck's treatment plan. During one of my visits, by chance, Dr. Beck determined that I had neuropathy and needed to come in for further testing/consultation. After the consultation with Dr. Beck, I was excited to get started on my treatment program to help save my feet. I have been doing my neuropathy treatment religiously at home and within the first month of the program, I have seen and felt improvements of up to 60%. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night with leg cramps and feel that I have stability. Thank you Dr. Beck for your back and neuropathy treatment programs. You have improved my quality of life and I cannot wait for football season to start. GO LAKERS!!! I love my feet and Dr. Beck is helping me to save them!"

- MawMaw G

"I started my treatment for Neuropathy on August 7, 2023. After the first week of therapy, I was already seeing improvement in my feet and legs. Before I began therapy, I could not sleep at night because of the pain and tingling in both my feet and legs. I also had huge brown spots on my legs and now they are lighter in color and expect them to eventually go away completely.

Now after 8 weeks of therapy, I barely feel the tingling and it's only in my toes. I am no longer taking GABAPENTIN!!!! I haven't felt this good in many years.

The nutritional aspect of the therapy has not only helped the Neuropathy but my gut health and energy level have improved. I will continue to do the therapy as long as needed. I recommend if you have Neuropathy go see Dr. Beck. He will be honest with you and treat you fairly. He will be straight up with you as to whether he can help you or not."

- R.B.

"I came to Beck Wellness Center for my first appointment on July 13, 2023, for a Nutrition visit and I told Dr. Beck I felt like I was walking on corrugated cardboard and unsure of myself. I wasn't able to sleep at night because of the cramps and pain in my legs and feet. It was worse when I walked barefoot. This started 10 years ago and was getting worse to the point I could not get up off the sofa without assistance. I knew I needed help!

On August 15, 2023, I did a Neuropathy Evaluation Exam and Dr. Beck found I had 13% sensory loss in my left foot and 36% sensory loss in my right foot. With that, I signed up for the program.

I noticed within the first 2 months of my treatment the improvement in my pain. My mobility improved, and I am walking more confidently. After my 6 month re-exam, I told Dr. Beck this program has changed my life. The quality of my life has improved. I sleep well, have more energy and my focus, attention, and concentration are great.

I have lost 14 pounds and the swelling is down in my legs and as a result, my blood pressure is back to normal!!!

I am glad Dr. Beck accepted me for his Neuropathy Reversal Program. Dr. Beck's staff deserves a pat on the back for being so kind and helpful, the clinic atmosphere is happy and joyous. I would strongly recommend anyone with Neuropathy to Dr. Beck and staff. My results have made every penny I invested in my treatment worth it. Actually, the results I got are priceless."

- Joyce

"I first saw Dr. Beck for my neuropathy in June 2023. My toes were numb and tingly by the end of the day. I had these symptoms for about a year. I watched a close family member have neuropathy and not take core of it so I know how bad it can get.

When I came in for my sensory exam, Dr. Beck confirmed the diagnosis of neuropathy and recommended treatment. I signed up for the treatment plan and I am so glad that I did.
In six short weeks, my improvement has be great and looking back I think my neuropathy was affecting me more than I knew. For instance, my balance is better, I have confidence in my ability to walk, I am more sure footed. I do not feel like I need help getting out of the bath tub! Getting out of the car is easier! My foot pain is less and I can actually feel sensations to my feet and toes. My toes feel more flexible and less like a block. I am 60-70% better. I feel like I have my LIFE BACK!!!

Thanks Dr. Beck and staff for your help and care!"

- H.L.

"Approximately 20 years ago my feet felt like I was walking on rocks. At the time I knew nothing about neuropathy, no one in my family had ever had neuropathy. In 2014 I had surgery for hammer toes on both feet. I thought this would help my feet; but it made NO difference whatsoever.

A few years ago my Primary Care Provider prescribed Gabapentin but never suggested I see a nerve doctor. She prescribed two tables per day and increased it to six tablets (two tablets 3 times a day). This helped a little but did not solve the problem. I would wake up in the middle of the night with electric shocks going through my toes. I would get up and literally stand on one foot at a time to relieve the pain, followed by Tylenol.
One day in July we received a flier in our weekly newspaper describing neuropathy. Right away I knew I had to try this program. Losing a toe, foot or leg was not in my future, I'm too active for that. That is when I contacted Dr. Beck's Office, I signed up for the program and started therapy on July 28th. Believe me, it is A LOT of dedicated and time consuming therapy at home and in the clinic but is well worth it.

As for as my results:

  • I have weaned myself off 5 Gabapentin per day (still hanging on to that last table before going to bed
  • The electric shocks have diminished
  • My feet do not hurt during the day
  • The rocks under my feet are much softer
  • My feet still tighten up at night (even after my foot bath)
  • Overall, the treatments have decreased the pain and discomfort about 60-65%"

- N.L.

"I found out I had scoliosis in 1966. I wore a brace on my back from 7th grade until the end of 10th grade. My scoliosis got better but was never totally corrected. I lived with my scoliosis without any physical limitations or pain until 1991. At that time I started Chiropractic care because I could barely bend over. My pain was relieved, but I still had my scoliosis. My spine was still in an unhealthy state.

I started coming to Beck Wellness Center in hopes of finding a Chiropractor who could help me with some sinus issues and help me stay healthy. I found a doctor with a passion for his trade who is always looking for new information and therapies to help his patients achieve the best quality of life possible. Dr. Beck has started the process of actually correcting my scoliosis! He is working on "mixing, fixing, and setting" my spine! In a few short weeks, my curve has moved 4º and I have faith my spine will finally be corrected. I look forward to living with an optimal spine and optimal health.

Thank you Dr. Beck for your desire to continue to learn and your passion for your patient's health!"

- Anonymous

"Hello, do I have a story for you! A few years ago I had to go through physical therapy for what they said was, "bursitis and tendinitis." The arthritis would get so bad that it would shoot up my neck and cause my head to hurt, especially on my left side. The pain was quite severe under my left shoulder blade also. Physical Therapy thought it would be best to tape that area in order to help the pain and to correct my posture. The physical therapist also felt there was some atrophy in that area. They had me doing numerous exercises to help correct it. That helped a little bit, but never really got to the cause of the pain. They just did what they could to alleviate the pain which we all want as fast as possible. My husband tried to help as much as he could by giving me massages. He continued to tell me something just was not right, so he wanted me to get help and he wanted me to feel better. Not knowing that coming to Dr Beck's seminar would lead me to my solution.

Dr. Beck asked all of us what some of our symptoms were. We all had symptoms and they filled the page. I was surprised other people were as bad as me. After listening to the seminar. I was definitely intrigued and made my appointment right away with Dr. Beck's office. Once I received my report of finding from Dr. Beck I was pleased to find out that he knew what was going on with me and why I felt so old and depressed. In his report of findings, he told me that I had scoliosis, which no one ever told me before, and that there were other multiple issues to work on. I had migraines, and knee pain just to name a few.

I started a treatment program right away with Dr. Beck and I am so glad I did because I starting to feel as old as my patients. You see I help the elderly and I am in my early 50's. I help extend their independence by hooking them up with a lifeline device. The lifeline device is a bracelet or pendant that one wears and if they fall or feel they are in need of an ambulance they push the button and the ambulance is dispatched right away to the patient's home, so in a sense the hospital is at their disposal.

Well now after just a few weeks I started to feel so much younger and more energized. A lot of my pain actually went away. My migraines don't seem to come on as often and now that my pain and migraines are so much better I can now focus on my weight loss. I am really excited now because Dr. Beck can not only help me with all my pain issues but also with my nutritional concerns as well. Now I know which food can cause me to feel tired, and fatigued and which foods can actually increase my vitality, regain my health, and lose weight naturally. That is exactly what Beck Wellness Center has done for me and can do for you too.

If you want to get well, as I did, you too can go to Dr. Beck because he will be your personal trainer for wellness, hence the name Wellness Center. Now my husband loves giving me a massage and loves seeing me without pain. fact he is the next family member to come to see Dr. Beck for all of his nutritional needs and well-being.

Thank You Very Much, Dr. Beck"

- Pam

"My name is Sandra. I have been diagnosed with scoliosis, four bulging discs, and degenerative disc disease. I was unaware of any of these problems until February of 2007. I began having pain in the upper arm area. This pain increased and I was unable to move my arms more than 15 degrees.

I sought medical help through an orthopedic surgeon who, in turn, referred me to a physical therapist. None of this helped and I was not ready to consider surgery as an option.

At this point, I was in a lot of pain, could not sleep at night, and was pretty desperate! A family member referred me to Dr. Beck. This was the answer to my prayers. After eight weeks he has reduced my pain level significantly. I can sleep through the night without any pain medication. In addition, I can now move my arms above my head.

I am still a work in progress concerning my condition with scoliosis, but I am improving! Thank you Dr. Beck!"

- Sandra

"At 74 years young, I feel like I found the foundation of youth. In only one month my improvements are surprising. My heart is better, my hip is better and my knee is better. I just overall feel better. We are working on getting the heavy metals out of my system and I can already tell it's helping. My body is handling and repairing from the heart virus I had. I wasn't in really bad shape, but now I feel so much better. I wasn't aware I was so bad until I got better and I plan on staying active."

- Jim

"I am an 80-year-old retired successful businessman. I wanted to get rid of my belly fat and my medical doctor was encouraging me to do so. It doesn't matter how many years young you are we all want to look good in the mirror and I wasn't happy with the view, so it was time for a change. I saw the Belly Fat Ad and came to the workshop and I am so glad I did. My first-week results are 9lbs lost. I just followed the program and committed to not eating the things that are bad for my body.

The key things are:

  1. The commitment
  2. Dedication to the program
  3. Follow Dr. Beck's recommendations

The excellent results are there to be had. Feeling better and weight lose."

- Robert

"Thanks for the help in losing my belly fat. My belly fat wouldn't go away despite exercising, Adkins diet, and counting calories. I was getting tired of my big belly. My clothes didn't fit and I didn't want to have a 38" waist I wanted my 34-inch waist back. Most of my belly hung over my belt. A little Body Restoration Technique (BRT) and the liver enhancement program set me on my way to losing 25lbs in 6 weeks. I am thinner than I have been in 5 years and at 50 that means a lot. I can not say it strongly enough, Thank you Dr. Beck for your help!"

- Tony

"Two months back I was glancing through our local paper, when an image loomed out at me or let me make it more specific, it was three images. The article said something about belly fat. "That is me!" I said. The next day I called and went to the meeting the following night. I was very skeptical and did not believe a word Dr. Beck said. Why not try this I thought, everything else has failed and I am fatter than ever and in so much pain I can hardly walk.

Dr. Beck told me about the book (The Seven Principals of Fat Burning) and I began to read it. It made sense! In the meantime, he told me that we had to get rid of the pain and began what he called (BRT). I'll let you find out for yourself what that is. All I can say is that it works. Dr. Beck said Carolyn what would you do if you were out of pain? "Feel better", I replied. That is not the answer I wanted. Wouldn't you feel more like losing weight? "I suppose so", I answered with doubt in my mind. It is now two months later and I'm out of pain and have more energy than I have had in a long time. Thank you, Dr. Beck! I have also lost twelve pounds. YAHOO."

- Carolyn


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